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We offer high quality and very efficient LED lights.

LED lights are available in many designs and colors. Please contact us for a product demonstration or an appointment.


High power savings

With our LED products you save up to 80% of the energy. Through the use of LED light bulbs, you benefit from an extremely low power consumption.

Absolutely maintenance free

Constant changing of lamps belongs to the past with LED products. Our LED products have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours.

Optimal light performance

No more dark light or wrong colors. With our LED products you can benefit from more light output and a natural and brilliant color reproduction.

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LED is a subsidiary of GAB GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH, you will find a variety of LED products for homes and industry. In the menu products you get an overview of our current LED lights. You can find LED spotlights , LED tubes ( fluorescent lamps ), LED bulbs and spotlights . Due to the very low power consumption and ultra long life LED lights are a cost-saving alternative to conventional lamps or energy saving lamps. See for yourself and try our Energy Savings Calculator. The calculator will show your savings in a transition to LED Products.

We advise you gladly. Call us or write us an email. We arrange a an appointment and a product demonstration.

Popular LED Lamps and Lights

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